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  • As a true community centered cinema, people are key to everything we do. This month we dedicate our programme to two of our patrons for whom cinema was an essential part of life. Thank you to Mike Kann and Joe Howell for all your support and for sharing your film stories with us.

  • Both of them truly appreciated the immense skill involved in how to tell a story through the visual medium and how to create emotional resonance while doing so. The expressionist cinema of the Weimar period was perhaps the first great explosion of this skill and we welcome the new restoration of Der blaue Engel, which introduced one of cinema's most iconic female stars, Marlene Dietrich, to the world. Using this springboard we look back at Fritz Lang's Metropolis and trace its influence through to Kubrick's 2001 and right up to Clare Denis' High Life. We can also see one of the most virtuosic renditions of the film noir/expressionist influenced style in Orson Welles' Touch of Evil (which neatly features the great Marlene in one of her final film roles).

  • Sandwiched in-between our new features we revisit one of the most resonant films of last year with Shoplifters and explore two more of the great Japanese humanist director Kore-eda's earlier films.
Totnes Cinema Membership
  • Re-opening the much loved Romany Cinema has only been possible thanks to enthusiastic local support - If you'd like to be a part of this exciting project to bring the magic of cinema back to Totnes then why not become a member? If you are looking for gift ideas we have Membership gift cards. If you'd like to find out more say hello at the box office.

  • Single Membership £50:
        - 2 complimentary cinema tickets upon joining
        - Up to £2 off cinema tickets
        - 10% off at the bar
        - A huge boost to self esteem with a warm feeling of belonging!

    Membership for Two £80:
        - 4 complimentary tickets plus the discounts above for two members

Street Protest

A Brief History

Built around 1880, 27a High Street used to be the town's Temperance Hall and first became a cinema in 1946 when it was used by a travelling cinema for Thursday night screenings. Ken Prout has kindly given his permission to include excerpts from his publication "The History Of Totnes Cinemas" (available from the Totnes Museum)

Selected Images Courtesy of the Totnes Image Bank


"The Romany Cinema"

Smallest Cinema- Greatest Entertainment. Best remembered of all the cinemas in Totnes was The Romany, opened on June 25th 1951. The owners Kelvin and Grenville White.

Romany Screen

The hall was completly refurbished with a new screen, projection box, cashiers box and ladies and Gent's toilets. Tip-up seating purchased from the Paignton's Regent Cinema provided luxury sprung seats in the rear four rows. The new layout slightly reduced the overall capacity from 161 to 146 seats.

Projection Room

There were no stairs in those days, the projection box was reached by climbing a vertical metal ladder, no easy feat when carrying large rolls of film.

Picture goers came in large numbers with Saturday night queues often running along the narrow passageway and under the Butterwalk as far as Harlequin Books, many waiting for anything up to three hours to see such legendary films as Breakfast at Tiffany's; High Noon; and Twelve Angry Men. Another large audience came on Saturday mornings to the children's show, where American Westerns were a favourite, with Roy Rogers Club badges proudly worn by sometimes noisy and excitable audience.

The cinema industry's links with romance, both on and off screen, are legendary. A trip to the pictures has long been a popular 'date', with many picture goers having their own special memories. Curiously, when the fixtures and fittings of the Romany Cinema were finally removed, five wedding rings were found lodged in framework of the tip-up seating - it was the 60's after all. If you are interested in finding out more about the history of cinemas in Totnes please visit the Totnes Museum.

The Mission
Re-opening Totnes Cinema
  • The Mission: We're working on returning the old cinema venue to its former glory. Run as a social enterprise and supported entirely by the generosity of local people, we want the Totnes Cinema to embrace the character and colour of this unique town, offering a cultural, educational and entertaining experience in the heart of Totnes. A relaxed social space for all ages where you can meet to chat before a performance of film or theatre and linger to reflect afterwards.

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